But what if there were serious bodily injuries and considerable damages to your property?Would it not be reassuring if the other party involved in the car crash be able to pay you back?But the unfortunate fact is that car insurance laws are still ignored. It is for this reason that the Lone Star State has devised laws to punish offenders severely. —————————————— Karen WalterThanks for help, I recommend your site to friends often…no one told me about raising my deductible would save me so much money. Thanks!I’d exercise some caution with this one. If you cause a major accident and have a low amount of liability coverage, your personal assets could be at risk. For example, if you cause $500,000 of damage cause a severe injury that takes a lot of rehab and have $100K of liability coverage, the victim can come after you for the excess 400K. Also, there is a diminishing cost as the amount of coverage increases. 500K coverage doesn’t cost twice as much as a 250K policy. This is partly because there’s some overhead that’s the same regardless of the amount, but also because the risk of causing 500K of damage is far less than causing 250K in damage. All great tips, I like combining policies, raising deductibles and always shop around. I think the greatest changes taking place with car insurance relate to tips 8 Mileage and 9 Use of Equipment. The use of telematics helps insurers more accurately estimate accident damages and reduce fraud by enabling them to analyze the driving data such as hard braking, speed, and time during an accident. This additional data can also be used by insurers to refine or differentiate UBI products. Additionally, the ancillary safety benefits offered in conjunction with many telematics based UBI programs also help to lower accident and vehicle theft related costs by improving accident response time, allowing for stolen vehicles to be tracked and recovered, and monitoring driver safety. Telematics also allow fleets to determine the most efficient routes, saving them costs related to personnel, gas, and maintenance. Challenges The practice of tracking mileage and behavior information in UBI programs has raised privacy concerns. As a result, some states have enacted legislation requiring disclosure of tracking practices and devices.

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