How to Protect Your Hairstyle from Sun and Sea

Tips for keeping your hair looked, strong, gentle and healthy despite ultraviolet rays, wind and salt.

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In the summer, hair requires some special care. To counter the effects of sweat and fat, you should wash your hair every day. In days of beach, washing is a daily ritual, after the sun not only have to remove traces of oil or creams but also sand and other irritants, such as salt, osmosis tends to dehydrate the hair and follicles.

How to protect hair from ultraviolet rays

The first step is prevention. Every day, before leaving home, apply a protective UV. The city is preferable to use formulas opaque effect, as the oils dry, while the bright oils or milk, which are more moisturizers are preferred to the sea or the mountain. The hair products most suitable are those with antioxidants such as lycopene, flavonoids, riboflavin and vitamin C, and those containing thalitan, Containing magnesium and manganese. These substances stimulate the activity of tyrosine, an enzyme involved in the synthesis of melanin, and also have protective effects on skin fibroblasts and hair follicles. Other products recommended for those with little hair and need greater protection of the scalp are solar foams nanofibers, which guarantee the protection of solar carcinogenesis.

Caring for hair

In any environment, shampoos should be sensitive and protective film hydrolipidic respect of the scalp and to balance the acid pH of the hair, such as products based on fruit acids. On the beach, it is important to use a hat to let the scalp breathe. Lightweight cotton caps or straw hats, protect 20-30% of the sun. For a more secure, we prefer hats made with fabric specially treated to protect from the sun.

How damaged hair outsiders

Ultraviolet rays cause oxidative stress throughout the hair from the hair follicle to tip in addition to attacking the cells, decrease the amount of hair and anticipate the fall of it, with effects evident after 2-3 months of exposure. The air conditioning or air conditioners destabilize the keratin cells present in the hair, causing cracking and reducing the power of protection. So the hair, especially longer and tend to be dry, they lose brightness and are more likely to florescence (file split ends).

Hair structure

Outer cuticle: consists of unpigmented cells arranged like shingles on a roof, which function of protection.
Bark: consists of pigment cells rich in melanin, which are linked together to form filaments of alpha keratin.
Microfibrils: protofibrils formed by connected to each other by a matrix of high sulfur content.
Protofibrils: formed by three helical keratin fibers.

Life cycle of hair

The life of hair has three phases:

Anagen (2-7 years): hair growing, with the formation of new cells. In humans lasts from 2 to 4 years and in women from 2 to 7 years. The hair grows one centimeter per month.
Catagen (7-15 days): in the matrix, the decrease mitosis and disappear. The bulb appears on the surface and prepares for the next stage.
Telogen (5-6) weeks: is the resting phase. The hair can remain subject, but after a certain period falls loss of grip and by the thrust of new hair.

The weather and the short care compromise the beauty of the hair of the scalp. For hair health in general, you should use shampoos with aloe, jojoba seed oils, one or two pre-shampoo masks a week, apply salves, without reaching the roots, avoid using the hair dryer; properly hydrate the body and eating fruits and vegetables.

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