Why Sunscreen for Hairstyles is Important?

We are ready to take care of our skin in the sun but we often forget that we expose to the sun only that, but also our hair, who suffer the heat, the wind, the salt or the disinfecting agent in swimming pools. We must also think of them. To avoid end up with damaged hair burned, stringy or nodes is necessary to protect them with care. Let’s see what are the new products to take to the beach or the pool with the products to protect the skin. L’Oreal Paris, the new line Elvive Solar, has created sunscreen Protector Spray for use during sun exposure. Applied to the hair, thanks can Hydraulic associated with UV filter, creates a micro insulating film that limits the formation of nodes protecting also the brightness and color, and simultaneously, feeds them and reinforces them.

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Hair remains so silky and soft, not dry up and retain their beauty. Another French company, Biopoint, who has been dealing with hair care, has created a specific program with the innovative Color Protective System. The line solar Biopoint contains this exclusive complex of sunscreens to protect the color due to UVA and UVB filters, in addition, the Color Protective System moisturizes hair while avoiding the drying up, feeds them and, thanks to mineral oils, vitamins and proteins, it keeps intact the structure, making the hair soft and easy to comb.

Not only the skin needs protection, the hair will be destroyed under the sun and you have to protect them, here’s how.

Specifically, you can find the ‘ Oil Filter to apply during exposure to the sun for long hair, wavy or curly with plant extracts, Jojoba Oil, Corn and Carrot, for all hair types, whether or not colored, there is the Spray-On Oil containing Jojoba oil, again for the exposure to the sun, the sun Bio point crystals which, thanks to Linseed Oil, and Vitamin E Oil of Avocado, enlightening and restructure the hair to create a protective barrier that over the entire length of the hair. hills star has created a new mini-line of treatment for the hair to counter problems arising from exposure to sun, wind, salt marine and disinfectant agents of the pool. L ‘ Hair Oil Spray Protective Reinforcing that not greasy, it protects the hair, leaving it light, bright and lively. Hair Color Protection Oil Spray is suitable for those who have treated or colored hair that is the weakest, most in need of protection. This oil also prevents the discoloration that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause. shop Verde, attentive to ‘use of natural ingredients, created the line SOL.

As a product-specific exposure to the sun found the preservative oil hair oil Linseed with sunscreen and water resistant. This product is used to fight the action dissecans of the sun, thanks to flaxseed, nourishes and maintains the shine of the hair. In addition, fatty acids have emollient and protective properties. always found the SOL line protection spray for hair with wheat protein and beta-carotene and UVA filter. These ingredients thanks to the provitamin A and the natural fat of the wheat to help protect and keep your hair nourished, hydrated and naturally shiny. then remember that even your hair needs protection and for this reason should be cared for to keep them beautiful and healthy. Happy holidays!

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